What was new in version 2.1?                               

Lets take a look at what was added to PolyBoost in version 2.1:

·        PolyBoost now works in 3ds max 8. Earlier versions of PolyBoost do not. Version 2.1 still works with 3ds max 5, 6 and 7.

·       New main interface . Highly streamlined for better workflow and management of screenspace. Read more about the functionality of the new interface here . There is also many interface improvements throughout all of the dialogs in PolyBoost.

·        Automatic Update checking. When 3ds max is started PolyBoost will now check if there is a newer version or update of PolyBoost available. If there is, the user can choose to automatically download and install the update. This is a good way to keep PolyBoost updated with the latest additions and fixes. Read more here.

·        New PolyDraw tool - SwiftLoop - Insert a loop at the picked position on an edge with optional automatic setflow to fit it to the surrounding mesh, also slide edges/edgeloops across an edgering and more.

·        New PolyDraw tool - PolyBranch - Paint multi segmented extrusions from polygons with optional tapering to form "branches".

·       Shift-clicking RemoveLoop only removes the selected edges,vertices, faces instead of the whole loop.


·        Drawing distance tolerance in PolyTopo increased. This means you can now draw much faster without having the line stop drawing.

·        Speed increases in the Draw tools of PolyDraw.

·       Better memory efficiency in the  Topology tools for larger meshes and memory error checking. Optional Undo off mode which also makes the tools faster.

·        GrowLoop now works on open edges.

·        Color tolerance added for BitmapSelect so that the color in the bitmap does not have to be exact but is allowed to differ slightly.

·        Undo / Redo buttons removed from the PolyDraw interface to save space. You will now have to use the buttons in the main toolbar of 3ds max.