What was new in version 2.5?                               

These are the changes made to PolyBoost in version 2.5:

·        3ds max 9 support. Version 2.5 also works in earlier versions of 3ds max.

·        PolyShift - Interactive transform tool for moving vertices around in screenspace with adjustable falloff effect.

·        Quadrify - Remove triangulation in model to achieve foursided polygons.

·        Faster load time for PolyBoost on startup.

·        Shortcuts added for initializing the PolyDraw Edit tools. Only for Editable poly objects (not Edit Poly modifier)

·        PolyDraw - Picked surface to draw on can now be any geometric object and not only Editable meshes.

·        PolyDraw speed optimizations.

·        Improved accuracy when placing loops with SwiftLoop.

·        Additional Align Pivot options - Center and Origo in a specific axis.

·        ShrinkRing added, when holding Shift and applying GrowRing.

·       SolveSurf now opens up its own dialog, making the PolyDraw interface smaller vertically.

·        Shaded / Wireframe toggle added to the PolyDraw interface.

·        PolyDraw - PolyShapes - pixel distance bugfix.

·       PolyDraw - Fixes a bug where subobject elements could sometimes get unselectable after exiting a tool.

·        PolyDraw - Fixes a problem with undo in certain cases.

·       BuildCorner, CornerLoop, PerspectiveGrow and RandomGrow rewritten. Improved functionality.