What was new in version 3.0?                               

These are the changes made to PolyBoost in version 3.0:

·        Curve Loops - Turn edges/edgeloops into smooth definable curves with easy workflow.

·       Space Loops - Space vertices evenly along edges/edgeloops.

·        Straighten Loops - Turn edges/edgeloops into a straight line.

·        Circle Loops - Turn edges/edgeloops into a circle.

·        Relax Loops - Relax curvature of edges/edgeloops.

·       PolyDraw - The Border tool can now also be used to add new geometry in screenspace.

·       PolyDraw - The Move tool can now also be used to move subobject elements in screenspace.

·        UV Lineup - Can now be used in edge subobjectlevel to lineup multiple uv edgeloops simultaneously.

·        UV Stitch - Stitch selected uv seam vertices to their corresponding seam vertices.

·        Similar - Will now select similar subobject elements based on all the currently selected elements

·        SetFlow - Can now be used on a vertex selection in vertex subobjectlevel.

·        The PolyDraw tools are now on average 20-30 % faster.

·        Unwrap UVW - All selection tools completely rewritten to work reliable and within UV seams. UV seam edge and vertex loop also available..

·        DotLoop/DotRing can now be used to select multiple dotted loops/rings at once..

·        CreatePolygon can now be used to create a polygon between selected edges.

·        ViewportCanvas - The brush can now be interactive resized while holding Ctrl+Shift.

·        ViewportCanvas - Colorpicker added to the interface to sample color from the active view.

·        ViewportCanvas - Additional standard brush added.

·        Memory - Fixes a memory leak in PolyDraw and ViewportCanvas.

·        Fixes a problem with having Showendresult turned on in PolyDraw.

·        Bugfix - Conflict with the DDS fileformat fixed.

·        Quadrify macroscript is now properly removed when uninstalling.