What was new in version 4.0?                               

These are the changes made to PolyBoost in version 4.0:

·       Most parts of PolyBoost has now been converted from maxscript to c++ using the 3ds max SDK. This means a great deal for the speed and efficiency of  the tools and makes most of the tools just as fast as native 3ds max tools would be! Certain parts that benefit from this greatly are PolyShift and PolyDraw which can now handle very dense objects without problem.

·        You can now reinstall or upgrade 3ds max with the need for a new serialnumber for PolyBoost. You can now also use PolyBoost in multiple versions of 3ds max on the same computer using one license.

·        Symmetry Tools - A set of tools for making models symmetrical based on the symmetry of a picked model. Good for working with morphtargets. Avaliable is Make symmetrical from positive to negative in an axis, negative to positive, Flip symmetry and a tool for copying vertex positions from one model to another..

·        Texture Wrap - Create a texture map that wraps an input texture around complext organic geometry without any seams and at uniform texture scale.

·        Cavity Map - Generate a greyscale image displaying how concave or convex the surface is.

·        Density Map- Generate a greyscale image displaying how  dense the surface is, meaning how far it is between vertices.

·        Dust Map - Generate a greyscale image displaying how much the surface is pointing in the world Z direction.

·        SubSurface Map - Generate a greyscale image that displays an estimate of the thickness of the object at given points.

·       SurfaceSelect - Select concave or convex parts of a model, like cavities or "outward" pointing elements.

·       SymmetrySelect - Select vertices/edges/faces on mirror axis of symmetrical models.

·        UV Space - Space uv vertices/edgeloops evenly in an axis in the UVW Unwrap modifier.

·        StepLoop - Select loop between two selected subobjects.

·        PolyDraw now has an offset option which lets you offset the created surface from the model you are drawing on or from the grid.

·        Keyboard shortcuts for undo(Ctrl+z), redo(Ctrl+a), Toggle edged faces(F4) and toggle shading(F3) are now available while a PolyDraw tool or PolyShift is active.

·        All move tools in PolyDraw are now constricted to the surface you are drawing on if a surface is used. This mean you can not accidentally project vertices outside the active surface.

·        PolyStrips, PolyShapes and Splines tools of PolyDraw now project onto the active surface when moving elements.

·         Except for the Draw section in PolyDraw, all selection and modeling tools now haveEdit Poly modifier support. This includes PolyShift, all tools in the "Loop Tools" dialog and all Topology tools. Working with the Edit Poly modifier is now also a lot smoother and efficient.

·         The interface buttons that use images now conforms to the textcolor used in 3ds max..

·        Grow2 and Grow/Shrink spinner removed due to lack of usefulness and to make space for SymmetrySelect.

·        ShrinkLoop is now an Alt keyboard option to GrowLoop just like ShrinkRing is to GrowRing.

·        Many more tweaks and fixes.