In this section you can find information about the patternmaking tools in PolyBoost. These tools can be used for a variety of purposes like making complex surface details, layout for building structures or pretty much anything else you can think of. The tools work by growing the current selection and turning it into a pattern, so the pattern will form differently based on how the initial selection is formed. All of them works in the current subobjetlevel, except the Onering tool which works only for polygon mode. The "Times" spinner determines how many times in a row each of the tools are applied.

Pattern 1-8

These 8 buttons all have different ways of forming patterns. Some are fastgrowing some are slower, some have a tendecy to form cubic patterns while other are more broken up. There is not much sense in explaining each of these since the result will be very different based on the initial selection. It's just a matter of trying your way forward until you find something you like.


Grows the selection to lines with gaps of non selected lines. As an example, selecting a whole polygonloop and applying this tool will grow and select every other polygonloop.


Grows the selection and forms a checker pattern.


Grows the selection and forms a pattern where all elements have a gap between them.


Grows a single polygon ring.