In this section you can find information about the Selectionmixer tools in PolyBoost. The purpose of this tool is to get quick and easy access to storing and getting stored selections as well as performing some basic operations between selections. These tools can also be used to bring a selection from one model to another with the copy/paste like function. Especially useful when working with morphtargets if you need to change the same area on multiple models.

Store1 and Store2

Use these buttons to store the current subobject selection. When a selection is stored there will be a green light next to the button used as storage.

Shortcut: When used as a shortcut the selection will be stored in a separate storage from Store1 and Store2.


Use these buttons to paste to selection stored in the corresponding store-button.

Normal: Select the stored selection.

Shift: Add the stored selection to the existing selection.

Shortcut: When used as a shortcut the selection to paste must have been stored with the Store shortcut function.


Adds the selections in Store1 and Store2 together and sets the new selection.

Subtract (Sub)

Subtracts Store2 from Store1 and sets the new selection.

Intersection (Inters.)

Selects the overlapping parts between the selections stored in Store1 and Store2.


Clears all stored selections.