Using the reference                             

Each rollout in the PolyBoost interface has got an own section in the user reference where the various tools are listed. The basic layout of the help section for a tool is as follows:

Title                  The name of the tool.

This tool does...       Basic explanation of the tool.

Subobjectlevels:       A list in blue text of which subobjectlevels are available for the tool.

Polygon: ...               Explains the use of the tool in polygon subobjectlevel.

Edge:...                    Explains the use of the tool in edge subobjectlevel.

Vertex: ...                 Explains the use of the tool in vertex subobjectlevel.


For some tools there are special functions and variations of the tool when a certain keyboard key is pressed when applying the tool. This is shown at each subobjectlevel with a red text. These are the different keys:

Normal:                   The function of the tool if no key is pressed.

Shift:                        The function of the tool if the Shift key is pressed .

Alt:                          The function of the tool if the Alt key is pressed.

Ctrl:                         The function of the tool  if the Control key is pressed.


Images                     Some tools have images showing functions of the tool.

Note: ...                    Notes about the usage of the tool.

Tip: ...                      Tips about the usage of the tool.

Shortcut: ...               If the tool functions in a special way when assigned to a keyboard key or a quadmenu as a shortcut those functions are described here.