BlendMap : BakeElement

BlendMap - superclass: BakeElement; super-superclass:MAXWrapper - classID: #(65544, 0)


BlendMap allows baking of a selection of lighting components when lighting is on. When lighting is off it can be used to bake ONLY ONE component as raw, for example it gives you the ability to bake a selfillumination map.


It doesn't make sense to have more than one unlit channel on, as there is no way to combine them in a meaningful way.


BlendMap ...


<BlendMap>.ambientOn Boolean default: true -- boolean; Ambient

Enable/Disable baking of the ambient color component.

<BlendMap>.autoSzOn Boolean default: false -- boolean; Auto_Size_On

Enable/Disable AutoSize.

<BlendMap>.bitmap Bitmap default: undefined -- bitmap

Get the bake element’s bitmap. This property cannot be set through MAXScript.

<BlendMap>.diffuseOn Boolean default: true -- boolean; Diffuse

Enable/Disable baking of the diffuse color component.

<BlendMap>.elementName String default: "BlendMap" -- string

Get/Set the bake element’s name.

<BlendMap>.emissionOn Boolean default: true -- boolean; Self_Illum

Enable/Disable baking of self-illumination.

<BlendMap>.enabled Boolean default: true -- boolean

Enable/Disable the bake element.

<BlendMap>.fileName Filename default: "" -- string;

Get/Set the element’s output file name.

<BlendMap>.filenameUnique Boolean default: false -- boolean; Filename_Unique

Enable/Disable unique file name generation.

<BlendMap>.fileType Filename default: "" -- string;

Get/Set the element’s output file type.

<BlendMap>.filterOn Boolean default: false -- boolean; FilteringOn

Enable/Disable filtering.

<BlendMap>.lightingOn Boolean default: true -- boolean; Lighting

Enable/Disable baking of lighting.

<BlendMap>.outputSzX Integer default: 256 -- integer; output_width

Get/Set the output width.

<BlendMap>.outputSzY Integer default: 256 -- integer; output_height

Get/Set the output height.

<BlendMap>.reflectionOn Boolean default: true -- boolean; Reflection

Enable/Disable baking of reflections.

<BlendMap>.refractionOn Boolean default: true -- boolean; Refraction

Enable/Disable baking of refractions.

<BlendMap>.shadowsOn Boolean default: true -- boolean; Shadows

Enable/Disable baking of shadows.

<BlendMap>.specularOn Boolean default: true -- boolean; Specular

Enable/Disable baking of specularity.

<BlendMap>.targetMapSlotName String default: ""

Get/Set the name of the map slot where element output will be applied

See also

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