Controller Key Reducer

reduceKeys <controller> <threshold> <step> [ <range> ]

where <threshold> is the closeness that the key-reduced controller will match the original keys, <step> is the time step at which the controller will be sampled and <range> is an optional time range within which the keys are reduced given as either 2 time values or an Interval value, defaulting to the active animation range.



reduceKeys $foo.pos.controller 0.5 1f

reduce keys on foo’s position, retain 0.5 units accuracy, sample every frame.



reduceKeys $baz.bend.angle.controller 0.1 0.5f (interval 20 75)

Reduce keys on baz’s bend angle, retain 0.1 units accuracy, sample every half frame, reduce within the interval 20f to 75f.

As with the reducer in the track view, a progress bar and cancel button is displayed.