Converting Scripts From Using ActiveX Controls to DotNet Controls

new.gif NEW in 3ds Max 9: The main reason for the introduction of DotNet support in MAXScript was the fact that ActiveX controls which were largely used in the 3ds Max User Interface were made unavailable in 64 bit Windows versions.

Scripts developed for versions prior to 3ds Max 9 would require a rewrite to be able to run under 64 bit Windows operating systems.

The following examples show the conversion of ActiveX controls to DotNet Controls:

Converting ActiveX ListView Control to DotNet ListView Control

Converting ActiveX TreeView Control to DotNet TreeView Control


See also these 3ds Max components which were updated to use DotNet controls:

[3dsMax9 Path]\ui\macroscripts\Macro_BakeTextures.mcr

The Render To Texture dialog has been updated to use DotNet ListView controls instead of ActiveX controls.

[3dsMax9 Path]\ui\macroscripts\Macro_NamedSelSets.mcr

The Named Selection Sets editor dialog has been updated to use a DotNet TreeView control instead of an ActiveX control. It is a good example of using Drag And Drop in DotNet TreeView controls.


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