MAXScript Extensions for Crowd

The following topics describe the constructors, properties and methods providing MAXScript access to the Crowd feature of character studio:


Crowd : Helper



CrowdAssignment : MAXObject

CrowdTeam : MAXObject


CrowdTransition : MAXObject

Crowds - Methods

Crowd Behaviors

Crowd Behaviors


Avoid_Behavior : MAXObject

CogControl : MAXObject

Orientation_Behavior : MAXObject

Path_Follow_Behavior : MAXObject

Repel_Behavior : MAXObject

Scripted_Behavior : MAXObject

Seek_Behavior : MAXObject

Space_Warp_Behavior: MAXObject

Speed_Vary_Behavior : MAXObject

Surface_Arrive_Behavior : MAXObject

Surface_Follow_Behavior : MAXObject

Wall_Repel_Behavior : MAXObject

Wall_Seek_Behavior : MAXObject

Wander_Behavior : MAXObject

Motion Clips

MotionClips and GlobalMotionClip

Clip_Associations : ReferenceTarget

ClipAssigner : ReferenceTarget

ClipAssignerReferenceTarget : ReferenceTarget

ClipState : ReferenceTarget

Space Warps

Vector_Field: SpacewarpObject


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