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The DeleteParticles operator is used to remove particles from the particle system. By default, particles live 'forever', that is, for the duration of the animation. The DeleteParticles operator lets you give them a finite life span. This is useful for eliminating particles once they've served their purpose in the animation.




<deleteHelper>.Type Integer default: 0 -- integer

Controld the state of the Remove radio buttons in the UI. Possible values are:

0: All Particles - Deletes all particles in the event immediately.

1: Selected Particles Only - Deletes particles selected at the Particle sub-object level in the event immediately.

2: By Particle Age - Deletes particles in the event after they've existed for a specific length of time, with an optional random variation. Choosing this makes the Life Span and Variation settings available.

<deleteHelper>.Life_Span Integer default: 9600 -- integer

Get/Set the number of ticks the particles will live. After this period, particles are deleted.


9600 ticks equal to 2 seconds or 60 frames at 30 fps. This value is exposed as frames in the UI. The default UI value is 60 frames.

<deleteHelper>.Variation Integer default: 1600 -- integer

Get/Set the maximum amount by which Life Span may vary. To get each particle's actual life span, this value is multiplied by a random number between -1.0 and 1.0, and then added to Life Span.

Note: The UI value is exposed as frames and defaults to 10 frames which is 1/3 second at 30 fps, or 1600 ticks.

<deleteHelper>.Random_Seed Integer default: 12345 -- integer

Specifies a randomization value.

deleteParticles Interfaces:

The following Interfaces are exposed by the deleteHelper Class:

Interface: action

Interface: operator

Interface: PViewItem

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