Editable_Poly: GeometryClass

Editable_Poly - superclass: GeometryClass; super-superclass:node - classID: #(469250957, 422535320)

Editable_Poly is the general editable version of all the editable poly objects, in the same way that Editable meshes relate to geometry objects. They are the class of node objects that are the result of collapsing a modifier stack to an editable mesh object.


Class instances not creatable by MAXScript.


While Editable_Poly class instances cannot be created directly by MAXScript, geometry objects of other classes can be converted to Editable_Poly.

For Example:

ep = editable_mesh name:(uniquename "EPoly") --create an empty EMesh

convertTo ep (Editable_Poly) --convert to Editable_Poly



Editable_Poly Topics:

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Editable_Poly Geometry Methods (polyOp struct)

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Interface: EditablePoly