Excel Spreadsheet in Internet Browser Control as Extended Viewport

Creates a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet inside an embedded Microsoft Internet Explorer browser control. It also registers the rollout as an extended viewport -


Sample Script


rollout rExcel "Excel"


activeXControl ax "e:\\test.xls" height:250 width:370 align:#center


fExcel = newRolloutFloater "Excel" 390 270

addRollout rExcel fExcel


format "----Application----"

showProperties rExcel.ax.application


format "----Parent----"

showProperties rExcel.ax.parent


format "----Container----"

showProperties rExcel.ax.container


-- In case of MS Excel .document points to the msexcel.workbook

workbook = rExcel.ax.document


format "----Document----"

showProperties workbook showHidden:true


showMethods workbook showHidden:false


props = getPropNames workbook

sort props

for prop in props do




format "\t%=%\n" (prop as string) (getProperty workbook prop)

) catch ()




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