FootSteps : Matrix3 Controller

Footsteps : MAXWrapper {3011,0}


Class instances not creatable by MAXScript


<footsteps_ctrl> = $'Bip01 Footsteps'.transform.controller


<footsteps_ctrl> = $'Bip01 Footsteps'.controller


This controller is attached to the transform track of the named Biped footstep object.


<footsteps_ctrl>.freeFormMode Boolean Default: False

false - Edit Footsteps

true - Edit Free Form (no physics)

<footsteps_ctrl>.dispNumType Integer Default: 0

0 - Start and End Frame

1 - Start Frame

2 - Duration

3 - Double Support

<footsteps_ctrl>.dispAirDur Boolean Default: False

Displays the foot air duration. This is the number of frames each foot is in the air in the lower part of each footstep's portion of the track.

<footsteps_ctrl>.dispNoSupport Boolean Default: False

Displays the number of frames when both feet are off the ground, directly above the areas without footsteps.

<footsteps_ctrl>.rootName String Default: Varies

Contains the root name of the Biped using the Foootsteps Controller. Changing the value of this property also changes the root name of the Biped.

<footsteps_ctrl>.rootNode Node Default: Varies -- Read-only

The root node (COM) of the Biped system this footstep_ctrl belongs to.

The following example will access the footstep controller, set several values and then display all of its properties.


fsCont = $'Bip01 Footsteps'.transform.controller

fsCont.freeFormMode = true

fsCont.dispNumType = 3

fsCont.dispAirDur = false

fsCont.dispNoSupport = false

showProperties fsCont

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