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Force - superclass: helper super-superclass:node - classID: #(1962490646, 515064320)


The Force operator lets you influence particle motion with one or more Space Warps from the Force category. Use this operator along with different forces to simulate the effects of wind, gravity, and so on.




<Force>.Force_Space_Warps ArrayParameter default:#() -- node array; SubAnim

Specifies the Space Warps used by the Force operator.


The following force Space Warps work with the Force operator: Motor, Push, Vortex, Drag, PBomb, Displace, Gravity, Wind.

<Force>.Influence Float default:1000.0 -- animatable; percentage

Specifies the strength with which the force or forces are applied to the particles as a percentage. A negative Influence value reverses the force effects.

<Force>.Sync Integer default:0 -- integer

Specifies the time frame for applying animated parameters.

Possible values are:

0: Absolute Time - Any keys set for parameters are applied at the actual frames for which they are set.

1: Particle Age - Any keys set for parameters are applied at the corresponding frames of each particle's existence.

2: Event Duration - Any keys set for parameters are applied to each particle starting when it first enters the event.

<Force>.Force_Space_Warps Array default:#() -- node array; SubAnim

Specifies the list of Space Warps to be used.

<Force>.Force_Overlapping Integer default:0 --radio button number

Resolves how multiple forces that occupy the same volume of space affect the particles.

Possible values are:

0: Additive - the forces are combined according to their relative strengths.

1: Maximum - only the force with the greatest strength affects the particles.

<Force>.Use_Script_Float Integer default:0 -- integer

Controls the state of the Use Script Float As drop-down list in the additional Script Wiring rollout.

Possible values are:

0: Not Used - Particle Flow uses the Force setting specified in the Parameters rollout.

1: Influence - Particle Flow applies the script particleFloat value to the .Force value.

Script Wiring:

Script Wiring lets you use a script to control the .Force property which you normally specify in the operator's parameters.

Supported Channels:

ParticleFloat -> Force

When Script Wiring is enabled, the values in the particleFloat channel will control the .Force value of the Force operator. For an example of a script that sets particleFloat values, see particleFloat Sample Script.

Force Interfaces:

The following Interfaces are exposed by the Force Class:

Interface: action

Interface: operator

Interface: PViewItem

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