groupBox <name> [caption] [pos:<point2>] [width:<integer>] [height:<integer>]



Get/Set the caption of the group box.


Get/Set the position of the upper left corner of the group box.


Get/Set the width of the group box.


Get/Set the height of the group box.


The GroupBox is a UI Element which can be used to draw a rectangular box with or without caption at a user-defined position with user-defined size. Other than the Group described in Rollout Clauses , the GroupBox is not used to group UI Elements together (both in the source code and in the resulting rollout), but can be placed independently of any other UI Elements anywhere in the rollout.


Visual MAXScript uses only GroupBox UI Elements to define groups in the rollouts.


rollout test "GroupBox Test"


spinner spin "Spin1: " align:#left across:2 offset:[0,20]

spinner unspin "Spin2: " align:#right offset:[0,20]

groupBox group1 "Group 1" pos:[5,5] width:95 height:50

groupBox group2 "Group 2" pos:[105,5] width:90 height:50


createDialog test 200 60


Known problems:

Group boxes have a line drawn through them when using bitmap backgrounds with CreateDialog. This is a problem with the Windows groupbox control.

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