Interface: operator

The operator Interface is exposed in all Particle Flow Operator Classes.


<bool>proceed <IObject>container <time>timeStart <time>timeEnd <object>particleSystem <node>particleSystemNode <node>actionNode <Interface>integrator

Proceeds the Operator. Lets you calls the Proceed method of an Operator from inside a Script_Operator’s on Proceed... handler.

For an example, see Speed Operator in Script Operator Example

This Interface is available in:

Birth : Helper

Birth_Script : Helper

Cache : Helper

DeleteParticles : Helper

displayParticles : Helper

Force : Helper

Go_To_Rotation : Helper

Keep_Apart : Helper

mapping : Helper

Material_Dynamic : Helper

Material_Frequency : Helper

Material_Static : Helper

Notes : Helper

Position_Icon : Helper

Position_Object : Helper

renderParticles : Helper

rotation : Helper

scaleParticles : Helper

Script_Operator : Helper

shapeStandard : Helper

Shape_Facing : Helper

Shape_Instance : Helper

Shape_Mark : Helper

speed : Helper

SpeedByIcon : Helper

Speed_By_Surface : Helper

Spin : Helper

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