Interface: PViewItem



Returns the number of Particle View ParameterBlocks.

<maxObject>getPViewParamBlock <index>index

Returns the indexed Particle View ParameterBlocks.

<bool>hasComments <node>actionNode

Returns true when the supplied action node has comments.

<string>getComments <node>actionNode

Returns the comment of the specified action node as string.

<void>setComments <node>actionNode <string>comments

Sets the comment of the specified action node to the supplied string.

Examples and Results:

ParticleFlow.openParticleView() --open Particle View to see results

ev = Event() --create an empty event

$Event:Event 02 @ [0.000000,0.000000,0.000000]

particleFlow.beginEdit() --Disable auto-event-encapsulation


bt = birth() --A Birth Action!

$Birth:Birth 01 @ [0.000000,0.000000,0.000000]

particleFlow.endEdit() --Enable auto-event-encapsulation


ev.appendAction bt --Insert the Birth in the Event

ev.numPViewParamBlocks() --Check the number of PBlocks


ev.hasComments bt --Check for comments - none


ev.setComments bt "Happy Birthday!" --Set a comment...


ev.getComments bt --...and read it back

"Happy Birthday!"

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