Internet Explorer ActiveX Control

The following example creates an Internet Explorer browser control in a rollout and registers it as extended viewport.

Pick "Web Page" from the Extended Views menu to display the rollout in the webpage. Also click various hypertext links to see the text change in the viewports

Sample Script

rollout rWebpage "Web page"


local txtObj

local vpsz = getViewSize()

activeXControl ax "" height:(vpsz.y-50) width:(vpsz.x-50) align:#center


fn checkTextObject =


if $text01 == undefined then


txtObj = text text:"" name:"text01"

addModifier txtObj (extrude amount:10)

txtObj.wirecolor = red


else ( txtObj = $text01 )

on rWebpage open do ( checkTextObject() )

on ax TitleChange txt do



if not (matchPattern txt pattern:"http:") then


if txtObj.text != text then


print txt

txtObj.text = txt

max tool zoomextents all





fWebPage = newRolloutFloater "Web page" rWebpage.vpsz.x rWebpage.vpsz.y

addRollout rWebPage fWebPage


registerViewWindow fWebPage





Due to a recent change in ActiveX controls handling by Microsoft, URLs are ALWAYS expected to start with "http://". Thus, using just "" will work in 3ds Max 5 but not in 3ds Max 6 and 7!

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