Link_Constraint : Matrix3Controller

Link_Constraint - superclass: Matrix3Controller; super-superclass:MAXWrapper - 2:1 - classID: #(-2025855132, -1430354431)


A Link constraint is used to animate an object linking from one target object to another.

The Link constraint causes an object to inherit the position, rotation and scale of its target object.


Link_Constraint ...

Link ...


<Link_Constraint>.key_mode Integer default: 0 -- integer; Link_KeyMode

You can choose between 3 different Key Modes which will determine how keyframes are written on the linked objects as part of the link constraint. These options will provide the following:

0: No Key Mode: No keys are created any of the objects involved.

1: Key Nodes: Sets keys for some of the objects.

2: Child: Applied keys to the child object only.

3: Parents: Applies keys to both parents and the child object.

4: Key Entire Hierarchy:This applies keyframes to the chosen nodes and their entire hierarchies.

5: Child: Keys the chosen object and the nodes in its hierarchy up to the world.

6: Parents: Keys both parents and the child and all three hierarchies up to the world.

<Link_Constraint>.link_params SubAnim default: SubAnim:Link_Params -- transform


Link_Constraint interfaces:

Interface: constraints


<node>getNode <index>nodeNumber

Returns the indexed target.

<boolean>setTarget <node>target <index>index

Sets the specified node as the target at the indexed position. Returns true on success.

<float>getFrameNo <index>targetNumber

Returns the linking start frame number of the indexed target.

<boolean>setFrameNo <index>targetNumber <integer>frameNo

Sets the linking start frame number of the indexed target. Returns true on success.


Returns the number of targets.

<boolean>addTarget <node>target <integer>frameNo

Appends the specified node to the target list at the specified frame. Returns true on success.

<boolean>DeleteTarget <integer>targetNumber

Deletes the indexed node from the target list. Returns true on success.

<integer>addWorld frameNo:<integer>

frameNo default value: -99999.
This method sets "World" as a target at the specified frame.


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