Locating Information in this Help File

You can search for information in the MAXScript Online Reference by browsing the hierarchical Table of Contents in the Contents tab, locate topics and functions by typing the first letters of the required name in the Index tab, or search the complete document using the Search tab. All these search methods assume that you are familiar with the logic of the Table Of Contents hierarchy, know the exact name of the function or topic you are looking for, or that the search keywords you enter actually match words in the document. Obviously, navigating the MAXScript Reference can be difficult for new and even for experienced users.

The following additional Topics Index pages are meant to provide FAST access to information related to specific often-used areas of MAXScript. They are similar to the Table Of Contents to a certain extent, but are much easier to browse and provide additional comments describing briefly the linked topics.

Index Pages:

Creating MAXScript Tools - Topics Index

Developing MacroScripts - Topics Index

External File Access - Topics Index

Editable Mesh - Topics Index

Editable Poly - Topics Index

Applying Modifiers - Topics Index

Rendering - Topics Index

Developing Scripted Plug-ins - Topics Index

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