MoFlowScript : MaxWrapper


addScript <moflow> <script_name>

Create a new motion flow script with the given name to the motion flow. Returns the new MoFlowScript.


<MoFlowScript>.startFrame Integer Default: 0f


<MoFlowScript>.snippets Array Default: #() -- Read-only

Array of MoFlowSnippet values defined in the motion flow script

<MoFlowScript>.name String Default: Varies


<MoFlowScript>.startPos Point3 Default: [0,0,0]


<MoFlowScript>.startRot Float Default: 0


<MoFlowScript>.tranIndices Array Default: #()



addSnippet < MoFlowScript > < MoFlowSnippet >

Adds the specified MoFlowSnippet to a motion flow script. Returns the MoFlowSnippet value.

insertSnippet < MoFlowScript > < MoFlowSnippet > <index_integer>

Inserts the snippet at the location specified and returns the new script item. Returns the MoFlowSnippet value.

deleteSnippet < MoFlowScript > <index_integer>

Deletes the indexed MoFlowSnippet from the motion flow script.

Related Methods

deleteScript <moflow> <index_integer>

Deletes the indexed MoFlowScript from the motion flow.

computeAnimation <moflow> [redraw:<true>] [incGlobals:<false>]

Computes the global flow network. This function has to be called to update any changes made to the motion flow network. redraw:true will redraw the viewports. incGlobals:true will also include the global motion flow network


Changes to the MoFlowScript property values do not cause an immediate update of the biped. ComputeAnimation must be called on the MoFlow value to recompute the biped motion.