MoFlowSnippet : MaxWrapper


newSnippet <moflow> <filename> <point2_pos> <redraw:true> <load:true>

Adds a new MoFlowSnippet to the motion flow network, from the given .bip file. <point2_pos> is the position in windows coordinates where the origin is the top left of the snippet in the motion flow graph. Redraw:true will redraw the graph window. Load:true will immediately load the snippet. Returns the new MoFlowSnippet.


<MoFlowSnippet>.start Integer Default: 0

The start frame in the snippet file.

<MoFlowSnippet>.end Integer Default: Varies

The end frame in the snippet file.

<MoFlowSnippet>.clipName String Default: Varies

<MoFlowSnippet>.fileName String Default: Varies

<MoFlowSnippet>.pos Point2 Default: Varies

The coordinates of the snippet in the Motion Flow Graph.


<MoFlowSnippet>.active Boolean Default: True

<MoFlowSnippet>.transitions Array Default: #(MoFlowTransition : X -> Y) - read only

An array of the transitions defined for the snippet (MoFlowTransition values). The MoFlowTransition values printed show the from and to MoFlowSnippet names.

<MoFlowSnippet>.randomStartProbability Integer Default: 100


addTransition <from_MoFlowSnippet > <to_MoFlowSnippet > <bool_optimize>

Adds a new MoFlowTransition to a motion flow Snippet. The optimize parameter acts as the "Optimize Selected Transition" in the Motion Flow Editor. If a MoFlowTransition already exists from from_MoFlowSnippet to to_MoFlowSnippet, no action occurs.

deleteTransition < MoFlowSnippet > <index_integer>

Deletes the indexed MoFlowTransition emanating from the MoFlowSnippet.

deleteTransitionsTo <from_MoFlowSnippet > <to_MoFlowSnippet >

Delete all transitions that emanate to the specified snippet.

Related Methods

addSnippet < MoFlowScript > < MoFlowSnippet >

Adds the specified MoFlowSnippet to a motion flow script. Returns the MoFlowSnippet value.

insertSnippet < MoFlowScript > < MoFlowSnippet > <index_integer>

Inserts a snippet at the location specified and returns the new script item. Returns the MoFlowSnippet value.

deleteSnippet < MoFlowScript > <index_integer>

Deletes the indexed MoFlowSnippet from the motion flow script.

loadSnippetFiles <moflow>

Loads all of the snippet files whose file names are assigned. This function should be called whenever new snippets are added.

getSnippetIndex <moflow> <MoFlowSnippet>

Given the snippet, returns its index in the motion flow’s .snippets array.

computeAnimation <moflow> [redraw:<true>] [incGlobals:<false>]

Computes the global flow network. This function has to be called to update any changes made to the motion flow network. redraw:true will redraw the viewports. incGlobals:true will also include the global motion flow network


Changes to the MoFlowSnippet property values do not cause an immediate update of the biped. ComputeAnimation must be called on the MoFlow value to recompute the biped motion.


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