NURBSPointCurve : NURBSCurve

This class defines an independent curve that uses points to describe its shape. All the points lie on the curve itself.


NURBSPointCurve [<property>:<val>]...

Any of the object's properties may be set via optional keyword arguments on the constructor.

getObject <nurbsset> <index>


<nurbspointcurve>.numPoints : integer

The number of points in the point curve. If this value is changed, the previous point data is not maintained.

<nurbspointcurve>.closed : boolean

true if the curve is closed, false if open.

<nurbspointcurve>.transform : matrix3

The transformation matrix for the NURBSPointCurve. This controls the relative position of the item within a NURBSSet.


close <nurbspointcurve>

Closes the curve.

getPoint <nurbspointcurve> <index>

Get the indexed curve point as a NURBSIndependentPoint

setPoint <nurbspointcurve> <index> <nurbs_independent_pt>

Set the indexed point to the given NURBSIndependentPoint

refine <nurbspointcurve> <u_param>

Adds a new, interpolated point at the given parametric position along the curve.

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