NURBSProjectVectorCurve : NURBSCurve

This class defines a dependent Vector Projected curve. A Vector Projected curve lies on a surface. This is almost the same as a Normal Projected curve, except that the projection from the existing curve to the surface is in the direction of a vector that you can control.


NURBSProjectVectorCurve [<property>:<val>]...

Any of the object's properties may be set via optional keyword arguments on the constructor.

getObject <nurbsset> <index>


<nurbsprojectvectorcurve>.parent1 : integer

The parent surface by NURBSet index.

<nurbsprojectvectorcurve>.parent1ID : integer

The parent surface by NURBSId.

<nurbsprojectvectorcurve>.parent2 : integer

The parent curve by NURBSet index.

<nurbsprojectvectorcurve>.parent2ID : integer

The parent curve by NURBSId.

<nurbsprojectvectorcurve>.trim : boolean

If true, trims parent surface at the curve.

<nurbsprojectvectorcurve>.flipTrim : boolean

The state of the trim flip toggle. This controls which portion of the surface is trimmed.

<nurbsprojectvectorcurve>.seed : point2

The seed location is a UV position on the parent surface.

<nurbsprojectvectorcurve>.pVec : point3

The projection vector.

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