Particle_Bitmap : textureMap

Particle_Bitmap - superclass: textureMap super-superclass:material - classID: #(1962491137, 515064832)


The Particle_Bitmap map is an enhanced version of the BitmapTexture. The primary benefit of Particle_Bitmap is that it supports the particle age feature, so that each particle can display a different frame of a bitmap animation depending on its age. To achieve this effect, use Particle Bitmap in a material applied to the Material_Dynamic operator.




<Particle_Bitmap>.clipu Float alias: Clip_U_Offset

Adjusts the bitmap location along the U-axis.

<Particle_Bitmap>.clipv Float alias: Clip_V_Offset

Adjusts the bitmap location along the V-axis.

<Particle_Bitmap>.clipw Float alias: Clip_U_Width

Adjusts the width of the bitmap.

<Particle_Bitmap>.cliph Float alias: Clip_V_Width

Adjusts the height of the bitmap.

<Particle_Bitmap>.jitter Float alias: Jitter_Placement

The amount of random offset. At 0, there is no random offset.

<Particle_Bitmap>.useJitter Boolean

Apply the .jitter value.

<Particle_Bitmap>.apply Boolean

Turn on to use the cropping or placements settings.

<Particle_Bitmap>.cropPlace Integer

Set whether cropping or placement is active:

0- Crop

1- Place

<Particle_Bitmap>.filtering Integer

The method of pixel averaging used in antialiasing the bitmap:

0- Pyramidal (Requires less memory and is adequate for most purposes.)

1- Summed Area (Requires much more memory, but yields generally superior results.)

2- None (Turns off filtering.)

<Particle_Bitmap>.monoOutput Integer

Some parameters, such as opacity or specular level are a single value as opposed to a material’s three-value color components. Controls in this group determine the source of the Output mono channel in terms of the input bitmap:

0- RGB Intensity (Uses the intensity of the red, green, and blue channels for mapping. The color of the pixels is ignored and only the value or luminance of the pixels is used. The colors are computed as gray values in the range between 0 (black) and 255 (white).)

1- Alpha (Uses the intensity of the alpha channel for mapping.)

<Particle_Bitmap>.rgbOutput Integer

The RGB Channel Output determines where the output RGB part comes from. The controls in this group affect only maps for material components that display color: Ambient, Diffuse, Specular, Filter Color, Reflection, and Refraction.

0- RGB (Displays the full color values of the pixels.)

1- Alpha as Gray (Displays tones of gray based on the levels of the alpha channel.)

<Particle_Bitmap>.alphaSource Integer

Controls in this group determine the source of the Output alpha channel in terms of the input bitmap:

0- Image Alpha (Uses the image’s alpha channel.)

1- RGB Intensity (Converts the colors in the bitmap to grayscale tonal values and uses them for transparency. Black is transparent and white is opaque.)

2- None (Opaque; does not use transparency.)

<Particle_Bitmap>.preMultAlpha Boolean

Determines how alpha is treated in the bitmap. When turned on, the default, premultiplied alpha is expected in the file. When turned off, the alpha is treated as non-premultiplied, and any RGB values are ignored.

<Particle_Bitmap>.bitmap Bitmap

The bitmap of the texture map.

<Particle_Bitmap>.coords maxObject alias: Coordinates

See UVGenClass for the StandardUVGen properties.

<Particle_Bitmap>.output maxObject

See TexOutputClass for the StandardTextureOutput properties.

<Particle_Bitmap>.fileName Filename alias: File_Name

The name of the bitmap file.

<Particle_Bitmap>.startTime Time

The frame where the playback of the animated map will begin.

<Particle_Bitmap>.playBackRate Float

Lets you speed up and slow down the rate that the animation is applied to the map (for example, 1.0 is normal speed, 2.0 is twice as fast, .333 is 1/3 as fast).

<Particle_Bitmap>.endCondition Integer

These controls determine what happens after the last frame of the animation:

0- Loop (Causes the animation to loop over and over again.)

1- Ping Pong (Causes the animation to be played backwards, making every animated sequence "loop smoothly")

2- Hold (Causes the last frame of the animation to be frozen on the surface until the end of the scene.)

Interface: bitmapTex



Reload the bitmap. Corresponds to pressing the Reload button in the UI.


View the image source. Corresponds to pressing the View Image button in the UI.


that these methods are identical to what is exposed in the bitmapTex interface.

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