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The Position_Icon operator can be used to control the initial placement of particles on the emitter. You can set the emitter to emit particles from its surface, volume, edges, vertices, or center. And, if you animate the emitter, you can cause its motion to be imparted to the particles it emits.




<Position_Icon>.Lock_On_Emitter Boolean default:false

When set to true, causes all particles to remain at their initial positions on the emitter. In effect, they're glued to the emitter. When set to false, each particle's birth position is determined by the emitter's current location.

<Position_Icon>.Inherit_Emitter_Movement Boolean default:false

When set to true, the software sets each particle's rate and direction of motion to that of the emitter at the time of birth. When off, the emitter movement doesn't affect that of the particles. Used only when Lock On Emitter is set to true.

<Position_Icon>.Multiplier Float default:100.0 --percentage

Determines the percentage to which particles inherit the emitter's motion. Used only when Inherit Emitter Movement is set to true.

<Position_Icon>.Location Integer default:4

Controls the selection of the Location drop-down list in the UI.

0: Pivot - Emits particles from the center of the icon.

1: Vertices - For the Box and Rectangle icon types, emits particles from the corners of the icon. For the Sphere icon type, emits particles from the six intersections of the three circles that define the sphere. For the Circle icon type, emits particles from the center.

2: Edges - Emits particles from random points along the edges of the icon.

3: Surface - Emits particles from random points on the surface of the icon.

4: Volume - Emits particles from random points within the volume of the icon.

<Position_Icon>.Distinct_Points_Only Boolean default:false

Limits emission to a specific number of points defined by the Total_Distinct_Points value on the specified Location type.


Emission points are still randomized; change the .Random_Seed value to alter these.

<Position_Icon>.Total_Distinct_Points Integer default:10

Sets the number of emission points. Used only when Distinct Points Only is set to true.

<Position_Icon>.Random_Seed Integer default:12345

Specifies a randomization value.

<Position_Icon>.Subframe_Sampling BooleanClass default: false -- boolean

Controls the state of the "Subframe Sampling" checkbox in the UI. When set to true, Subframe Sampling will be performed.

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