Script_Operator : Helper

Script_Operator - superclass: helper super-superclass:node - classID: #(1962490659, 515064320)


The Script_Operator enables control of particles within the Particle Flow system using a MAXScript script. The script can use most of the program functionality available to MAXScript. See Limitations on using MAXScript with Particle Flow for a general list of limitations.




.Proceed_Script String

Defines the script to be used by the Script_Operator.

The default script slows particles, and then, when they are slow enough, splits off the first 50 particles into a stream traveling in a negative direction on the world X axis, and the remainder traveling in the opposite direction..

.Random_Seed Integer default: 12345

Specifies a randomization value.

Script_Operator Interfaces:

Interface: action

Interface: operator

Interface: PViewItem

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