Send_Out : Helper

Send_Out - superclass: helper super-superclass:node - classID: #(1962490890, 515064320)


The Send_Out test simply sends all particles to the next event, or, conversely, keeps all particles in the current event. Use Send_Out when you simply want to send particles to another event without any conditions.




<Send_Out>.Condition_Type Ineger default: 0 -- radio button number

Corresponds to the Test True For group radio buttons in the UI: Lets you specify whether the test passes all particles on to the next event or keeps them in the current event. Possible values are:

0: All Particles - All particles are passed on to the next event.

1: No Particles - All particles are retained in the current event

Send_Out Interfaces:

The following Interfaces are exposed by the Send_Out Class:

Interface: action

Interface: test

Interface: PViewItem

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