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The Split_Amount test lets you send a specific number of particles to the next event, keeping all remaining particles in the current event. You can split the particle stream by a specific number or percentage, or by every Nth particle. With a specific number of particles, the splitting takes place once per event, but you can animate the percentage and every Nth values to vary the amount of split-off particles over time.




<Split_Amount>.Test_Type Integer default: 0

0: Fraction Of Particles - Split the particle stream on a percentage basis, specified with the Ratio value. With Ratio greater than 0.0, whether a particular particle is split off depends on a randomization factor; change this with the Uniqueness Seed value.

1: Every Nth Particle - Splits off a regular sample of particles.

2: First N Particles - Splits off the number of particles specified as the N value (below), starting with the first particle to enter the event, and retains the rest.

3: Particles After N First - Splits off all particles starting with the first one after N particles, as specified with the N parameter (below). All particles starting with the first to enter the event up to N are retained in the event.

<Split_Amount>.Ratio Float default: 50.0 --percentage

Specifies the percentage of particles that will test True. Animatable. Used only when Test_Type is set to 0 : Fraction Of Particles

<Split_Amount>.Every_Nth Integer default: 3

Specifies how often to split off a particle. Animatable. Used only when .Test_Type is set to 0 : Every Nth Particle.

<Split_Amount>.First_N Integer default: 100

Specifies the number of particles to split off, with 2 : First N Particles, or to retain in the event, with 3 : Particles After N First.

<Split_Amount>.Per_Emission_Source Boolean default: false

When set to true, the software applies the First_N value for the options First N Particles and Particles After N First separately for each emission source. Use this option with multiple Particle Flow sources converging into a single Split Amount test.

<Split_Amount>.Random_Seed Integer

Specifies the randomization value.

Split_Amount Interfaces:

Interface: action

Interface: PViewItem

Interface: test

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