SubRollout Class

SubRollout is a Subclass of RolloutControl. All Rollout User-Interface Controls Common Properties and Rollout User-Interface Controls Common Layout Parameters should apply.


This class is available in 3ds Max and gmax. This class is not available in Autodesk VIZ.


A UI item which you can place rollouts into. No caption is displayed for the UI item. On right side of the UI item a scrollbar is displayed if the height of the rollout(s) in the item is greater than the height of the item.



the rollouts installed in the SubRollout control via AddSubRollout - see notes below. Read-only. The names of the installed rollouts are exposed as read-only properties.

Notes on common UI item properties:


none displayed. Read/write.


none displayed. Read/write.


setting has no effect. Always set to true. Read/Write.


the position of the UI item in the rollout. Read/write.


UI item alignment. Creation only property.


UI item offset. Creation only property.


Sets the width of the subrollout. Accessible as property of the UI item.


Sets the height of the subrollout. Accessible as property of the UI item.


Number of UI items across. Creation only parameter.

Associated Methods

addSubRollout <subrollout> <rollout> [rolledUp:<boolean>]

Adds the rollout to the subrollout. Always returns ok.

removeSubRollout <subrollout> <rollout>

Removes the rollout from the subrollout. Always returns ok.


rollout test "test" height:200

( subrollout test1 "test1"

subrollout test2 "test2"



rollout test1a "test1a"

( spinner test1as "test1as"



rollout test1b "test1b"

( spinner test1bs "test1bs"



createdialog test


AddSubRollout test.test1 test1a

AddSubRollout test.test1 test1b


test.test1.height += 100

test.test2.pos += [0,100]


rollout test2a "test2a"

( spinner test2as "test2as"



AddSubRollout test.test2 test2a

test.test2.height += 50


Changing the height of a subRollout doesn't change the position of any UI items below it.

See also

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