Swirl : TextureMap

Swirl - superclass: textureMap; super-superclass:material - classID: #(1925732223, 966789659)


Swirl ...


<Swirl>.Base Color default: (color 229.5 147.9 76.5) -- animatable

The underlying layer for the swirl effect.

<Swirl>.Swirl Color default: (color 0 25.5 51) -- animatable

Mixed with the Base color or map, produces the swirl effect.

<Swirl>.Color_Contrast Float default: 0.4 -- animatable

Controls the contrast between Base and Swirl. At 0, the swirl is blurred. Higher values increase the contrast until all colors become black and white, even if Swirl Intensity and Swirl Amount are very high.

<Swirl>.Swirl_Intensity Float default: 2.0 -- animatable

Controls the intensity of the swirl color. Higher values create a more vibrant mix of colors. At 0, the swirl effect disappears.

<Swirl>.Swirl_Amount Float default: 1.0 -- animatable

Controls the quantity of the swirl color that gets mixed into the base color. If set to 0, only the base color is used.

<Swirl>.Twist Float default: 1.0 -- animatable

Changes the number of spirals in the swirl effect. Higher values increase the number of spirals. Negative values change the direction of the twist. At 0, the colors are randomly distributed, not swirled.

<Swirl>.Constant_Detail Integer default: 4 -- animatable

Changes the level of detail within a swirl. Lower values minimize the level of detail within the swirl. At 0, all detail is lost. Higher values increase detail until the swirl effect disappears.

<Swirl>.Center_Position_Y Float default: -0.5 -- animatable

<Swirl>.Center_Position_X Float default: -0.5 -- animatable

Adjusts the location of the swirl’s center on the object.

<Swirl>.Lock_Background Integer default: 1

X and Y values remain identical as you adjust them. By turning off Lock and adjusting either the X or Y position, you can "slide" the swirl effect across the object.

0- Off

1- On

<Swirl>.Random_Seed Float default: 23638.4 -- animatable

Sets a new starting point for the swirl effect. Changes the swirl pattern while maintaining other parameters.

<Swirl>.coordinates SubAnim

See UVGenClass for the StandardUVGen properties.


The Base and Swirl sub-maps are not accessible to MAXScript unless they have already been assigned to the Swirl map. Once these maps have been assigned, they are available as properties of the Swirl TextureMap value. The property names, however, are dependent on the type of maps assigned. For example, if a Checker and a Cellular map were assigned as the Base and Swirl sub-maps, the property names would be similar to Swirl__Map__7____Checker and Swirl__Map__6____Cellular. These maps are also stored as subAnims 12 and 13 of the Swirl TextureMap value. If the subAnim name for the subAnim is Swirl__None and Swirl__None, respectively, no map has been assigned.

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