The Character Studio Motion Mixer

This topic describes how to manipulate the Character Studio motion mixer using MAXScript.

There are five MAXScript classes which make up the mixer.

They are:

Mixer Class

MxTrackGroup Class

MxTrack Class

MxClip Class

Mixermanager - themixer

The first four classes access a single mixer and its various parts.

The last class, mixermanager, accesses the overall mixer display, affecting all mixers.


Most of the Mixer MAXScript methods work the same way as the mixer user interface. There are a few exceptions. The user interface does not allow the user to overlap clips, while some MAXScript properties and functions make it possible to overlap clips. This is not advisable. All mixer MAXScript properties and functions take into account the snap to frames variable as well as the lock transitions variable, both settable in the mixermanager or the user interface. They do not, however, take into account the snap to clips variable, both for technical reasons and because this is more of a user interface feature.


Below is some code to access a biped’s mixer. Once you have the mixer, you can manipulate it using its functions and properties. And you can go deeper into the mixer by using its functions to access trackgroups, then tracks, and then clips.


b = $bip01

c = b.transform.controller

m = c.mixer


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