themixer const StructDef

This struct contains a number of system global variables and methods to access the mixerManager class which affects all Character Studio Animation Mixers.

System Global Variables

The following properties are seen as icons in the mixer user interface:

themixer.snapFrames SystemGlobal:snapFrames boolean default:true


themixer.snapToClips SystemGlobal:snapToClips boolean default:false


themixer.lockTransitions SystemGlobal:lockTransitions boolean default:false


The following properties appear in the Preferences dialog in the Mixer user interface:

themixer.showBalanceCurves SystemGlobal:showBalanceCurves boolean default:true


themixer.showClipBounds SystemGlobal:showClipBounds boolean default:true


themixer.showClipNames SystemGlobal:showClipNames boolean default:true


themixer.showClipScale SystemGlobal:showClipScale boolean default:false


themixer.showGlobalFrames SystemGlobal:showGlobalFrames boolean default:true


themixer.showInpoints SystemGlobal:showInpoints boolean default:true


themixer.showOutpoints SystemGlobal:showOutpoints boolean default:false


themixer.showTgRangebars SystemGlobal:showTgRangebars boolean default:true


themixer.showTimeWarps SystemGlobal:showTimeWarps boolean default:true


themixer.showWgtCurves SystemGlobal:showWgtCurves boolean default:true




Show the Mixer. Returns true on success.


Hide the Mixer. Returns true on success.


themixer.addMixerToDisplay <biped_controller>

Adds the Biped the supplied controller belongs to to the Mixer. Returns true on success.

themixer.removeMixerFromDisplay <biped_controller>

Removes the Biped the supplied controller belongs to from the Mixer. Returns true on success.


The following functions are available through icons in the Mixer user interface:


Sets the animation range. Returns true on success.


Updates the Mixer's display. Returns true on success.


Zooms the Mixer's display to the extents of the animation. Returns true on success.


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