The Value class is the root class for all MAXScript classes. It supplies methods and operators that any class can use.

As described in Properties, Methods, Operators, and Literals, each class can specify external interfaces for the class. These external interfaces are broken up into the following categories:

In the description of each class in MAXScript, each of these external interfaces are documented.

In the syntax forms given for methods, operators, and properties, the types of argument or property values are specified using the <type_name> convention, in which type_name describes the type of value that is allowable for that argument or property. You can, of course, use an arbitrary expression for these values, as long as it evaluates to a value of the right type. For example, <boolean> means either the true or false Boolean values.

Also indicated for function calls are those that are automatically mapped over collections. This means that the function will be automatically called repeatedly on the elements of a collection if the collection is given as the first argument to the function. See Collections for more information.


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